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Business Filing Tips for Alaska Businesses

Alaska Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest and easiest way to file a domestic LLC or corporation is online. The links are in your online account. You appoint us as the registered agent by typing in our name, and it populates our address automatically for you.

You can also file foreign LLCs online through this process.

Unlike most states, Alaska does not require foreign LLCs and corporations to get a certificate of good standing from their home state.

You must file your initial report after making your filing and within 90 days of registration. We recommend doing this while you’re thinking about it.

If you’re looking to establish an auto-dealer wholesaler license, we can be your registered agent for your company. You can’t go and register all your vehicles at our address. We don’t want to get all your titles and registrations coming to our address. Although Alaska has no real requirement to have a certain amount of vehicles sitting on your “lot”, just forming an Alaska LLC and saying you’re at our address is not really legit. The DMV has been considering changing the requirement due to the serious abuse of this. We don’t care what you do with your Alaska LLC and if you’re doing the dealer’s license thing. We just don’t want to get 10 titles a month coming to us and you claiming to be running a car dealership out of our office address. We’re in an office complex, and it would look silly to say a car dealership is actually working out of our office. There are some smaller car dealerships that have worked with people and will let you use their address as the “lot” address. You can form your Alaska LLC with us as the registered agent, and use them to deal with all your dealer crap. Here’s a link to our yellow pages. If you search car dealers, you’ll find a bunch of them: